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Submit Your Novel

Do you have a self-published novel for which you would like some added exposure?  Who wouldn't!  One of the greatest challenges for self-published authors is getting the word out there without going bankrupt.

SP Focal can help!

To submit your novel please follow the below very simple steps:

1.  Send an email containing the following:

     *Title of your work


     *Publication date

     *Publication platform (i.e. Createspace, Lulu, etc.)

     *Link to website where book can be purchased


     *A digital excerpt from your novel (excerpts should be no more than 10 typed pages at size 12 font, single spaced.)

Our team will review your work, checking the general content, spelling/grammar, and genre fit.

     *Documents must be submitted in American English.

     *Please allow 1-2 weeks for review.

     *SP Focal does NOT accept the following genres:


          *Pornographic content (i.e. overly steamy romance novels)


2.  Once your excerpt has been reviewed by our team you will receive an email back from us stating whether or not your novel seems eligible to be cataloged on our site.  If there were numerous spelling/grammar issues we will ask you to correct before re-sending.  We will then ask for a complete digital manuscript (including cover art.)  Please allow 3-4 weeks for review.  We understand this is a long time to wait, but SP Focal offers confidence to potential readers in the fact that our catalog has been thoroughly reviewed for quality and content.

3.  Upon completion of the manuscript review, assuming nothing came up that will need to be addressed, your novel title will be posted on SP Focal's website.  Customers will be able to review your cover art, synopsis, and link to purchase.  You may opt to have a snippet also posted to SP Focal's site to give readers a preview of your text.